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  • To shop from our web site, we strongly suggest you to create an account. You can do this before placing your order or afterwards. Once the account is created and an order is placed, you can then monitor the status of it by clicking 'My Account' link on top of your webpage and logging in. On the left you will see 'Orders'. There you can view all your orders and their status e.g. payment info, pending payments, shipment status.
  • Your order status will always be kept updated.
  • If you do not wish to create an account, you can still check out as "Guest" but please keep in mind that Guest accounts won't have their "My Account" page and they need to follow their orders manually.
  • Please make sure our email (support@pharmabol.co.uk) is not filtered out by your email provider as spam, otherwise you may not receive important information regarding your order.
  • Accepted form of payments :
    • Western Union(You can either pay online with your credit card or by visiting a local agent)
    • MoneyGram(You can either pay online with your credit card or by visiting a local agent)
    • Bitcoin(%15 instant discount at checkout). Just follow the screen and make sure you send the exact amount and complete the transfer in given time. The whole process should be completed in minutes!
    • When you are sending the funds online by Western Union or MoneyGram, the screen may present an option of sending it to a bank account or Cash. Please choose the option Cash, not bank account.
    • Once you've completed the money transfer please make sure you have a copy of your receipt and send us your transfer details such as MTCN or Reference number, sender's full name, amount sent etc so that we can process your order without a delay.
    • We do not have a minimum/maximum for orders paid by Bitcoin, i.e. you can place an order for £10 or £10,000. For Western Union and Moneygram payments, minimum order is £50.
    Yes we certainly do. Bitcoin is a lot faster, safer and reliable method of payment than conventional methods. It's very easy once you get used to it. All you have to do is follow a tutorial video that you can find in youtube, get started with a trusted website like Bitcoin UK, localbitcoins.com, Binance etc and buy some bitcoins to put in your private wallet. Then you can spend it anytime and anywhere.Click here to find out more about BITCOIN.
  • All Hilma Biocare orders are shipped from EU (and domestic UK shipment), by regular air mail and can be tracked with a tracking number.
  • All Turkish Pharma Grade orders are shipped from Turkey by regular air mail and can be tracked with a tracking number.
  • We have a flat rate for UK as £23 and for the rest of Europe: £29
  • We ship by regular air mail with tracking option.
    • Your shipment will be dispatched in 24 -48 hours unless it's weekend or we're in holiday season...or we have a pandemic going all over the world.
    • In order to avoid any delays please make sure you complete money transfer in time and return with all transfers details i.e. MTCN or Reference Number, Sender's Full Name, amount sent etc.
    • If you pay by Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency, the transfer will be completed online in minutes and your order will be processed immediately.
  • Once you have completed the payment and the money is cleared at Western Union / Moneygram or by Bitcoin, your shipment is sent without a delay.
  • Usual delivery time for Hilma Biocare products is 2-5 days to UK and Europe. For Turkish pharmaceuticals this may extend to 2-4 weeks.
  • Several factors may effect your delivery time such as your geographic location, weather, any postal service interruptions. We appreciate your patience.
  • UK, Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Czech Republic, Finlands, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Switzerland.
    PHARMABOL Ltd. have been in mail order business since 1998. We offer affordable and best quality anabolic steroids - our prices are very competitive, please compare our low prices with other websites. We also offer you over 20 years of experience and expertise. All our orders are handled with utmost care and professionalism as well as full discreet. Pharmabol UK website has SSL certificate to protect server-client communication to maximum level.
    Absolutely. We are aware that most of our customers are not eager to share their purchase with their families or neighbors, or customs officials for that matter. We prepare each package with utmost care and place our special logo on envelopes to avoid any unwanted attraction.
    I'm afraid no. You need to purchase them separately.
    • For injectibles and ready-to-use stacks you'll see:Syringes NOT included.
    • For peptides you'll also see: Solvent is NOT included.
    • In both cases you need to purchase them separately from our site .
    Before making a healthy comparison, you should bear in mind that what really matters is "How many milligrams you are getting for your £ ?" So, some products may look expensive but maybe they may be coming with more milligrams per vial or per packing. 50mg/tab, 50tab will deliver more milligrams of ingredient to your body than a 25mg x 40 tablets albeit the fact former may be a bit more expensive per package.
    Please contact us by sharing the figure you have in your mind and we will be glad to negotiate.
    • Hilma Biocare, Europe'1 no1 UL; their latest lab results can be downloaded from here.
    • Turkish pharma grade; pharmaceutical grade brands like Abdi Ibrahim, Bayer, Pfizer, Schering, Lilly, Aspen, Roche, AstraZeneca, MERC.
    Here's an article for you. Don't forget to visit the blog often, we have a bunch of informative articles there and we keep them updated.

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