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  • PHARMABOL Ltd. have been in mail order business since 1998. We offer affordable and best quality anabolic steroids - our prices are very competitive, please compare our low prices with other websites. We also offer you over 20 years of experience and expertise. All our orders are handled with utmost care and professionalism as well as full discreet. Pharmabol UK website has SSL certificate to protect server-client communication to maximum level.
    Absolutely. We are aware that most of our customers are not eager to share their purchase with their families or neighbors, or customs officials for that matter. We prepare each package with utmost care and place our fake logo on envelopes to avoid any unwanted attraction.
    Yes we certainly do. Bitcoin is a lot faster, safer and reliable method of payment than conventional methods like bank wire. It's very very easy once you get used to it. All you have to do is follow a tutorial video that you can find in youtube, get started with a trusted website like localbitcoins.com, Binance or Coinbase etc and buy some bitcoins to put in your private wallet. Then you can spend it anytime and anywhere. In order to pay by Bitcoin in our website, you'll have to pickup Bitcoin as payment method during checkout and you'll be able complete the transfer in minutes(when gateway screen is opened, the transfer must be completed during the time given). Click here to find out more about BITCOIN.
    Indirectly yes. You can visit PayBis and use your credit card to buy Bitcoin and then use it to spend on your purchases including ones in our website.
    I'm afraid no. You need to purchase them separately.
    • For injectibles and ready-to-use stacks you'll see:Syringes NOT included.
    • For peptides you'll also see: Solvent is NOT included.
    • In both cases you need to purchase them separately from our site .
    Before making a healthy comparison, you should bear in mind that what really matters is "How many milligrams you are getting for your $ ?" So, some products may look expensive but maybe they may be coming with more milligrams per vial or per packing. 50mg/tab, 50tab will deliver more milligrams of ingredient to your body than a 25mg x 40 tablets albeit the fact former may be a bit more expensive per package.
    Please contact us by sending the amount you wish to purchase and we will be glad to help.
    Please continue reading our part two of FAQ below: Steroid Frequently Asked Questions. Also, if you click our Blog page, you will find lots of useful information that updated regularly.

    Steroid Frequently Asked Questions

    Provided dosing is sufficient, a steroid user can expect to make the most significant progress during their first cycle. Although this will vary from person to person, it is not uncommon for someone to gain 20 pounds of weight or more during a 6-8 week period of AAS use. Some of this may be water retention, although a solid gain of more than 10-15 pounds of muscle mass is possible.
    Yes, and no. Steroids can help you do two basic things with regard to muscle growth. First, they can allow you to more rapidly reach your genetic limits for muscle growth. Provided you continue to train actively, eat properly, and use an effective PCT program, you should be able to maintain at your genetic limit indefinitely. So in this regard, the early gains do not have to be temporary. Later, steroids can allow you to push well beyond your genetic limits. It is important to emphasize this, as extreme physical development cannot be maintained long-term without the repeat administration of anabolic substances. The body will always revert back towards its normal metabolic limits once AAS are removed. In this context, some of the gains will not be permanent. Steroids do permanently alter the physiology of your muscles by adding more cellular nuclei. With higher nuclei content, each muscle cell can manage its volume more efficiently, which allows more rapid expansion. Even after a long period of complete abstinence from training and AAS, the nuclei remain. This may provide a “muscle memory” effect, allowing you to reach your genetic limit (perhaps a slightly extended limit) faster than if you had never used AAS in the past. So in this regard, there are lasting benefits beyond the temporary increase in muscle size itself.
    If you have the underlying genetics to allow for this extreme muscle growth, this may be possible with a lot of hard work and dedication. If you are like the vast majority of people, however, steroids will not be able to make you look like a professional bodybuilder. Genetics are a big factor in determining the ultimate limits to your physique, even in an enhanced state. Many people use steroids and look very big and impressive because of it, but very few users are able to make it to the stage of a professional bodybuilding show.
    Anabolic/androgenic steroids are among the safest drugs available, at least in a short-term sense. Fatal overdose is not reasonably possible, and the negative health changes such as alterations in cholesterol, blood pressure, hematocrit, and blood clotting (among other things) are very unlikely to manifest in serious bodily harm or death after an isolated cycle. There are rare deaths from such things as stroke and liver cancer in short-term abusers, but such occurrences are statistically extremely rare in light of the millions of people that use these drugs. If you had to comparatively rate the acute risks of AAS abuse, they would be slightly higher than marijuana, but far less than virtually all other illicit narcotics.
    The long-term use of steroids for nonmedical reasons can be a significantly unhealthy practice. It has been difficult, however, to quantify the exact risk. The main issue is the fact that AAS abuse can promote heart disease, the number one killer of men. Heart disease is a slow progressive disease, which may build for decades without symptoms. Steroid abuse may accelerate the silent process of plaque deposition in the arteries, and also induce other changes in the cardiovascular system that can increase susceptibility to stroke or heart attack. If death finally occurs, however, it will be difficult for a medical examiner to pinpoint AAS as the cause; too many variables play a role in the etiology of cardiovascular disease. The vast majority of deaths where AAS have contributed go unreported for this reason. The exact mortality rates of long-term steroid abusers have, likewise, been difficult to calculate. According to one population-based study, steroid abusers had a 4.6 times greater risk of early death from all causes including suicide compared to non-users. It is unknown, however, how applicable this number is to the full steroid-using population. It is especially important to closely monitor cardiovascular disease and other health risk factors if long-term steroid use is a practice you will follow.
    The nonmedical use of AAS by definition cannot be defined as a safe practice. However, it can be argued that anabolic/androgenic steroids can be used with high relative safety, even over a period of many years. The guidelines of steroid harm reduction are important to minimizing the negative health effects of these drugs. Provided an individual follows these guidelines and is careful with drug selection, dosages, and durations of intake, follows a diet low in saturated fats, cholesterol, sugar, and refined carbohydrates, actively trains with both resistance and cardiovascular exercise, and uses cholesterol support supplements such as fish oils and Lipid Stabil during all cycles, it may be difficult in many cases to argue high tangible health risks. It takes a great deal of involvement and planning to use AAS in this manner, which is always advised.
    Testosterone, whatever the form, tends to be the safest steroid for men. When the dose remains within the moderately supratherapeutic range (such as 200-400 mg of an injectable testosterone ester per week), alterations in cardiovascular risks factors are noticed, but not extreme. Some of this has to do with the beneficial cardiovascular effects of estrogen in men. Also considered fairly safe are the common injectable steroids boldenone, nandrolone, and methenolone. Isolating your use to these drugs is recommended over using the full spectrum of oral and injectable steroids.
    For those with a genetic predisposition to hair loss, all anabolic/androgenic steroids are capable of accelerating the process. Slowing the onset of this during AAS use requires a focus on reducing relative androgenicity in the scalp. This can be accomplished with the use of predominantly anabolic drugs such as nandrolone, oxandrolone, or methenolone. Alternately, moderate doses of testosterone can be used with finasteride, a drug that reduces DHT conversion (and androgenic amplification) in the scalp. Still, those genetically prone to hair loss can have problems with any steroid, and are always advised to limit dosing, drug intake durations, and monitor effects on the hairline closely.
    Women are generally most concerned with the virilizing (masculinizing) effects of anabolic/androgenic steroids. The least virilizing agents are those with the highest relative anabolic to androgenic effect, such as nandrolone, oxandrolone, and methenolone. Care must always be taken, however, as all AAS are based on male sex steroids, and as such can cause masculinizing effects in women.
    No, this is not necessary. Anabolic/androgenic steroids all work primarily by attaching to and activating the same receptor. As such, you do not gain anything by switching to a new compound that works via stimulating the same receptor. If tolerance were induced by one AAS compound, it would be extended to all compounds. The plateau effect that is noticed 6-8 weeks into most cycles is poorly understood, but likely related to the new metabolic limits placed on muscle cells under the influence of a certain AAS dosages, not insensitivity to AAS. Classic down regulation does not occur with these drugs, and even if it did, rotating steroids would not prevent it.
    Although exact figures are difficult to calculate, real pharmaceutical anabolic/androgenic steroids are estimated to represent half or less of the products commonly circulated on the black market. In many regions this figure may be below 25%. The majority of products sold presently are counterfeit copies of real AAS, or products made and labeled by underground laboratories. It does matter, because the quality of nonmedical AAS cannot be ensured. These products are generally not advised for use. Given the potential issues with drug safety, it is worthwhile to spend the extra time and money on steroid products you can be assured came from legitimate pharmaceutical channels.

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