Methandienone (Dianabol, Anabol)

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Dianabol is the most recognized trade name for the drug methandrostenolone, also referred to as methandienone in many countries. Dianabol is today, and has historically been, the most commonly used oral anabolic/androgenic steroid for physique and performance-enhancing purposes.

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Dianabol is the most recognized trade name for the drug methandrostenolone, also referred to as methandienone in many countries. Methandrostenolone is a derivative of testosterone, modified so that the hormone’s androgenic (masculinizing) properties are reduced and its anabolic (tissue building) properties preserved. Having a lower level of relative androgenicity than testosterone, methandrostenolone is classified as an “anabolic” steroid, although quite a distinct androgenic side is still present. This drug was designed, and is principally sold, as an oral medication, although it can also be found in a number of injectable veterinary solutions. Dianabol is today, and has historically been, the most commonly used oral anabolic/androgenic steroid for physique and performance-enhancing purposes.

Administration (Men):

The original prescribing guidelines for Dianabol called for a daily dosage of 5 mg. This was to be administered on an intermittent basis, with the drug taken for no more than 6 consecutive weeks. Thereafter, a break of 2 to 4 weeks was advised before therapy was resumed. For physique- or performance-enhancing purposes, the drug is also used intermittently, with cycles usually lasting between 6 and 8 weeks in length followed by 6-8 weeks off. Although a low dose of 5 mg daily may be effective for improving performance, athletes typically take much higher amounts. A daily dosage of three to six 5 mg tablets (15-30 mg) is most common, and typically produces very dramatic results. Some venture even higher in dosage, but this practice usually leads to a more profound incidence of side effects, and is generally discouraged.

Dianabol stacks well with a variety of other steroids. It is noted to mix particularly well with the mild anabolic Deca-Durabolin®, for example. Together one can expect exceptional muscle and strength gains, with side effects not much worse than one would expect from Dianabol alone. For sheer mass, a long-acting testosterone ester like enanthate or cypionate can be used. With the high estrogenic/androgenic properties of this androgen, however, side effects should be more pronounced. Gains would be pronounced as well, which usually makes such an endeavour worthwhile to the user. As discussed earlier, ancillary drugs can be added to reduce the side effects associated with this kind of cycle.

The half-life of Dianabol is only about 3 to 5 hours. A single daily dosage schedule will produce a varying blood level, with ups and downs throughout the day. The user, likewise, has a choice, to either split up the tablets during the day or to take them all at one time. The usual recommendation has been to divide them and try to regulate the concentration in your blood. This, however, will produce a lower peak blood level than if the tablets were taken all at once, so there may be a trade-off with this option. Both options work fine, but anecdotal evidence seems to support single daily doses as being better for overall results. With such a schedule, it seems logical that taking the pills earlier in the day would be optimal. This would allow a considerable number of daytime hours for an androgen-rich metabolism to heighten the uptake of nutrients, especially the critical hours following training.

Administration (Women):

Being moderately androgenic, Dianabol is really only a popular steroid with men. When used by women, strong virilization symptoms are possible. Some do experiment with it, however, and often find low doses (2.5-5 mg) of this steroid quite effective for new muscle growth. Studies have demonstrated that a majority of women will notice acne, which is indicative of androgenicity, at a dosage of only 10 mg per day. Children are likely to notice virilizing effects with as little as 2.5 mg per day.


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Buy Dianabol UK

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14 reviews for Methandienone (Dianabol, Anabol)

  1. Leonard

    I used this with the new all-oral stack. As my tolerance to AAS is pretty high, I’m able to go as high as 30mg/day without a PCT. But anything beyond 10mg/day may require tamox. It depends on how sensitive you are at your nipples 🙂

  2. Stan

    I’ll mention one aspect of dbol which nobody did before: it increases your self-confidence. When I started taking dianabol I noticed that my confidence with women went up! dbol increases dopamine levels in the brain……..relaxation goes way up, i love it.

  3. Marc

    It aromatizes at every dosage. Whether or not it gives you problems is dose dependent and varies by individual. 20-30mg should be ok and more than that I get sore nipples!
    ..and I hate using tamox

  4. Dick

    You can make some gains with a dianabol only cycle if you train hard and eat right. It’s smart not to go over 25 mg a day. It’s even smarter to support it with a good testosterone base like test enanth. Gains will be permanent.

  5. Samuel

    Works great with Deca, not so good results with Primobolan.
    Tamox is essential. Make sure to check your liver every 6 months.
    Ask Patrick, he will always answer with great courtesy.

  6. Greg

    It is one of the fastest acting steroids out there. You should start seeing serious progress in 7-10 days – also, you’ll start feeling sides around the same time too. Never ever use it without tamox unless you want bitch tits.

  7. Mick

    You feel dbol effect immediately. I have done dbol for a week once just to see how it feels. I felt it within 24 hours, (the bloat, the massive strength gains, I had gained 5lb in 8 days off dbol), it was water obviously, muscle mass comes later, in about 4-6 weeks.
    Great communication.

  8. Greg

    Very strong, possibly a bit overdosed. I suggest using nolvadex with it, if you are planning to use it for more than 4 weeks. Incredible gains, best mood for years 🙂
    Patrick is a very cool guy, always helping out.

  9. Ron

    I’ve been using them for 10 years, very reliable source with amazing quality products but delivery time is not so impressive. Unless they bring next-day delivery to their shipping method they will be behind the competition.
    For USA, expect 6-10 days delivery times. For UK I guess they are faster like 4-7 days.

  10. Mike

    I took dianabol to kick start and in 4 weeks almost 5 kg gained from dbol including water retention.
    I then added winstrol in the middle of cycle and ran only 4 weeks with high dosage. I got rid of extra water retention fast. Some vascularity appeared and I lost some weight.
    Strength was great but I got aggression from both orals as well as an amazing pumps from orals especially dbol.

  11. James

    Ordered: Deca and Dianabol.
    Shipped: By USPS
    Delivered: In 11 days
    Verdict: Perfect.
    They are absolutely a bit over dosed. I can feel it.
    Either that or raw is damn good!

  12. Jimmie

    Great as usual. Never have to wait long for anything. Answers any question within a hour. Pharmabol’s customer support lets you know he actually cares and remembers you. I ordered this Dbol to test HB and did not find any difference between this and Genex. It’s a matter of choice , you can go both ways.

  13. Jeff

    Communication was pretty decent. Usually replies to my emails within 24 hours . I Had an issue with my last order where I didn’t get any acknowledgement whether they received my payment and shipping my order or not . It was kinda frustrating but they did send me the product with in a week. Best Dianabol I tried so far.

  14. Doug

    The product was as described. I started at 10mg daily then climbed up to 25mg on week 2 and continued that till around week 7 ..gained 7lbs held some water, my strength went up some and I lost some appetite.
    Overall, recommended.

  15. Justin

    The dbol is excellent… great for a kick start, or great to just pump up and break plateaus in mid cycle..i start swelling after about 6 days when I started 100mg/day and then I decreased it to 50. Dbol is a great quick size gainer if you want to fill out a bit.
    Best source out there.

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